It is currently 3:13 in the morning as I write this

It is not insomnia, that’s for sure. In fact, I’m nothing but ready to fall asleep, and yet, it must be that small drop of adrenaline from the last laugh that caused my jugular veins to pop out that is keeping my eyes ajar.

UCHS Drill team competed in the Sharp International State Championships in Knott’s Berry Farm today, and we won ”Most Enthusiastic” and 2nd place in the Senior Military/Drill Division. With two new captains, and a team with 95% new people, I believe that is a damn good job for a first competition.

The rookies of 2010-2011 now own two beautiful trophies.

And although our knees are nothing but bruise and blood, I say that—

It was fucking worth it.

I love my girls.